Anonymous SENT: Phil just hit 2 million subscribers!!!

Ahh i know i’m so happy for him! i feel like we all made this happen together, with the hashtag #GetPhilTo2M, all the subscribe posts on tumblr, the omegle promotions and the phandom’s constant love and support for him. it’s on days like these that i am truly and genuinely proud to be a part of the phandom.

August 29 2014
Anonymous SENT: How was your omegle experience?

it was truly inspirational, especially this moment

August 28 2014
Anonymous SENT: Did you actually have to google Tentacle Porn for that edit o.O

oh i had to google a lot of things you don’t even wanna know

Anonymous SENT: Where is Dan Howell from?

Anonymous SENT: I'm sure your teacher is just mildly confused by the e-mail, or she may even think it's funny. Just let her know it was a mistake. At least it wasn't like a smutty phan fiction or something! Ha ha.

Yes i really hope that she thinks it was just a funny mistake and not some kind of personal attack against her haha. i would have died if i sent her a smutty phanfic omg